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SaniSpray HP 750 Electric Airless Disinfectant Sprayer, 240V 4 and 8 Guns

The Graco HP 750 airless sprayer is designed to deliver maximum productivity for large sanitizing and disinfecting jobs, such as stadiums, parks, airports, ships, and large industrial areas.


-Highest productino airless disinfectant sprayer available on the market

-Sanitize and disinfect up to 400,000 sq ft from one central location for maximum production

-Siphon from a 5 to 55 gal container or easily fill the 10 gal stainless steel hopper

-Add up to 500ft of hose per gun to spray anywhere for high production application

-Multiple tips provided to meet your disinfectant's dwell time and atomization requirements

-Adjustable from 0-1200psi

-For portability and maneuverability

-Flat-free tires

-Allows disinfectants to be applied faster

-Choose from a wide variety of RAX X LP tips to meet your disinfectant's dwell time and atomization requirements

-240V/20A Supply Power


-Minimal service, only requires oil

-Stadiums, parks, arenas, cruise ships, airports, warehouses, and other large industrial areas

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