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Traffic Cones

Traffic Cones

Safety and reliability converge with these PVC Cones. These cones are an essential tool for efficient traffic management.

Product Features

  • Superior Build: Each cone is injection molded, ensuring a consistent and high-quality build.

  • Visibility at Its Best: Fluorescent orange in color, ensuring they stand out, even in the frequently overcast conditions of the Pacific Northwest.

  • Regulation Compliant: Meet and exceed MUTCD standards, available in 12'', 18'' and 28'' heights.

  • Nighttime Safety: The PVC Cones feature reflective collars, guaranteeing compliance and visibility during nighttime operations.

  • Durability: Excellent stability and anti-skid performance to withstand the varied conditions of roads.

  • Ease of Use: Designed for easy stacking, these cones ensure quick transport and efficient storage, making setup and tear down a breeze.

Available cone collars:

  • 6'' reflective cone collar

  • 6'' upper-band reflective cone collar

  • 4'' lower-band reflective cone collar

  • 13'' reflective cone collar

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