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Intelligent Beacon Systems

Intelligent Beacon Systems

Intelligent Beacon Systems employ a mesh network for quick and easy multi-unit setup. This modular system seamlessly integrates with other TraffiCalm solutions.

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Product Features

Universal Beacons

Universal Beacons are able to be mounted to any type of pole, from round poles to square wooden and metal posts.

These modular systems can be deployed in single beacon applications or multiplied to provide dual horizontal and vertical beacon applications.

Slimline Beacons

Z-Series Slimline Series allows the controller or collaborator to be mounted at the top of a round pole (4.5" OD) without any bulky side of pole enclosures.

Designed to hide amongst the beacon and its mounting structure, the Slimline Controllers and Collaborators provide all the benefits of TraffiCalm Intelligent Beacons in sleek, robust housing.

Post-Top Beacons

Post Top Beacons are a quick and easy-to-install solution that is only comprised of three parts:

  • Solar Controller

  • Post Top Mount

  • Integrated 12” Beacon Assembly

TraffiCalm Post Top Beacons can be mounted on square steel and wood posts.

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