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Graffiti Removal Truck

Graffiti Removal Truck

Model GPMT the Graffiti Removal Truck.  Build atop of either a gas or diesel-powered chassis, the graffiti removal truck comes equipped with up to four airless pumps and corresponding airless spray guns connected by high pressure lines of variable length, contained by hose reels located at the rear of the truck. A hot water high-pressured water blaster resides on the bed, which produces a cleaning solution carried in the on-board tank used for removing graffiti. An optional hydraulic compressor can be installed onto the bed with controls located at the rear of the truck near the attached gun. Additionally, a vacuum system can be installed for any needed cleanup.  Safety lights are installed to provide an awareness of the truck to both cars and pedestrians around it during night-time operation.  An optional arrow board or message board can be mounted above the cab of the truck.  An optional electric acuator can be used to automatically tilt the board 90 degrees.  Additional accessories can be installed onto the truck per customer specifications.

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Product Features

Standard Equipment

  •  2 Complete Airless Paint Systems

  • Custom-Designed Stencil Rack

  • 2 Removable Gun Holsters

  • 2 Spring-Operated Hose Reels

  • Below Deck Tool Box

  • Traffic Cone Storage

  • 30 Gallon Headboard Hydraulic

  • Reservior

  • Paint Well (7 Gallon Bucket Capacity)

Optional Equipment

  • Additional Complete Airless Paint System

  • Glass Sphere System

  • Hydraulic-Driven Compressor System

  • Arrow Board or Message Board

  • Rotating Lights

  • Work Lights for Night-Time Operation

  • Custom-Design Toolboxes

  • Inverter for small Tool Operation

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