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Discover the cutting-edge features of Type I barricades in work zones, designed to enhance safety and efficiency.

Product Features

  • Innovative Leg Design: Type I economy barricades feature an innovative blow-molded leg design that provides increased strength and prevents sagging, even in extreme heat conditions. This ensures their reliability and stability, contributing to a safer work zone environment.

  • Protected Reflective Sheeting: Panels on these barricades are thoughtfully recessed to safeguard the reflective sheeting, prolonging its lifespan and maintaining optimal visibility, day or night.

  • Enhanced Impact Resistance: The strong one-piece design of Type I barricades offers improved impact resistance, ensuring their durability and effectiveness in protecting both workers and motorists.

  • Efficient Storage: These barricades are completely stackable, allowing for efficient use of warehouse space, a practical advantage for work zone logistics and organization.

  • Vehicle Damage Mitigation: Type I barricades are designed to yield upon impact, minimizing vehicle damage in case of accidents or collisions, thereby enhancing overall safety.

  • Easy Handling: Their lightweight features make them easy to handle and maneuver, simplifying setup and adjustment within the work zone.

  • Durable Construction: Manufactured from a specially formulated plastic compound, these barricades utilize polymer protection and UV stabilizers, ensuring long-lasting performance and resistance to environmental factors.Where work zone safety is paramount, Type I barricades are essential tools for ensuring the well-being of both workers and motorists. Their innovative design, impact resistance, and ease of handling make them a valuable asset in maintaining order and safety in work zones. Discover the advantages of Type I barricades and elevate your work zone safety measures.

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