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LineLazer V 200 HS

HP Reflective Series Gas Hydraulic Airless Line Striper, 2 Auto Guns

With high production features and bead capability, the LineLazer V 200HS HP Reflective Series is a true workhorse designed for high performance striping on the most demanding jobs like large parking lot, airports, and city jobs that require precise lines and reflective beads



-Automatic Paint Gun System
-Honda GX Engine
-EasyMark Gun Adjustment System
-Pressurized EZ Bead System
-Auto-Layout II
-Livelook Display with Smart Control
-J-Log System with USB Download
-EZ Align Wheel System
-DualComfort Handlebar System

Additional Features

Endurance Chromex Pump

High-Efficiency Hydraulic Motor

High-Capacity Cooling system

Easy Out Pump Filter

QuikSelect Gun Selector

Lazerguide 1700 Start/Stop Laser

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