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Truck Mount Arrow Board

Truck Mount Arrow Boards

Wanco Truck-Mount Arrow Boards provide the ideal solution for convoys, crash-cushion (TMA) trucks and emergency repair crews. Available in four sizes, with the same features as our trailer-mount models, Wanco's proprietary LED design provides wide angularity and superior visibility. Wanco also has the largest selection of mounting options available for truck-mount arrow boards.


  •    Easy to operate and maintain

  •    High-output LEDs provide superior visibility

  •    13-, 15- and 25- liht models

  •    5, 7 or 12 arrow display modes 

  •    Positive-drive voltage system applies power to lamps only when lit

  •    Optional automatic dimming

  •    Flash rate of 30-40 per minute

  •    Numerous sizes and mounting options

  •    Durable finish resists the elements

  •    Meets MUTCD

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